Announcing the CrossCut Expert Network

"Is now the right time for us to hire a CFO?"

"What about building our enterprise sales team?"

"If we’re a subscription e-commerce company, what's the optimal pricing strategy?"

These are just a handful of the questions that members of our portfolio companies ask us daily. We value the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and help companies solve problems exactly like these.

But as our roster continues to grow, both in number of companies and industries represented, we find ourselves leaning more and more on the expert members of our vast network to help tackle these issues so many founders face. Network. Is. Everything.

So for that reason, we decided to make it official. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the CrossCut Expert Network (CEN), which formalizes these relationships. CEN is an invite-only, curated community of experts across many fields, from engineering, product and finance to PR, marketing, sales and everything in between. Finding the best advisors can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs, so we’re now offering our CrossCut portfolio companies this powerful network of domain experts to tap into for advice on specific short-term problems. Questions, meet answers.

It’s also an opportunity for these experts to get even more involved with the LA tech ecosystem. Through dinners, events and mentoring, the CEN fosters a diverse, collaborative community across the industry spectrum. It’s the people that make us long on LA and our network - your network - is only getting stronger.

by Sarah Moret - Associate at CrossCut Ventures