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Brian Garrett - Crosscut Ventures



Brian Garrett is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of CrossCut.

He started the fund in early 2008 alongside Rick and Brett with a vision and conviction that the SoCal tech ecosystem would evolve into what it is today and feels very lucky to have been involved with so many amazing entrepreneurs over the last 9 years that have become the foundation of LA Tech.

During the early days of CrossCut, he went back into a full-time operating role with a Public-company turnaround at before co-founding vertical eCommerce brand After surviving with the equivalent of two full-time jobs for roughly 6 years, he was ecstatic to see LA and CrossCut get the attention of institutional capital, which enabled CrossCut to scale into a “real” fund with $75M raised for CrossCut 3 in 2015. This milestone finally enabled Brian to do what he loves most - working full-time with early-stage entrepreneurs from conceptualization to scale, turning their ideas into products and companies.

Prior to starting CrossCut, Brian got two degrees from Stanford - a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA - and in between he worked closely with many successful Silicon Valley companies including CommerceOne, Aurum, Broadbase, Inktomi, and Niku. He moved to LA after his MBA in 2001 for “lifestyle reasons” and was lucky enough to start his investing career (and meet Rick Smith) at an LA-based firm called Palomar Ventures.

When not hustling on behalf of his entrepreneurs, Brian enjoys surfing, playing beach volleyball and spending time with his wife (of 16 years), Elisa and his three boys - Oliver, Xander and Nate.