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Bedrock, Next Generation Ad Network, Unveiled by GumGum

By CrossCut News
SANTA MONICA, CA — GumGum, an analytics and monetization platform for content online, announces the launch of a next-generation ad network. The ad network, called Bedrock, was borne out of GumGum’s own need to monetize non-standard ad- inventory.

Conventional wisdom today is that online advertising dollars cannot sustain the operations of publishers. Declining click-through-rates and mounting banner blindness suggest this. Bedrock believes that these problems are, in part, a failure of existing ad networks to tend to the rapidly evolving needs of advertisers and publishers. Bedrock turns the current system on its head in the following ways:

• Turning over the responsibility for ad creation to publishers. Unlike traditional ad networks, Bedrock does not provide creative to publishers. Rather, advertisers purchase visits on a cost-per-click basis and publishers build, host and distribute their own ad units. Bedrock believes that publishers have a unique understanding of their visitor demographics, site, and context and can build ad products that drive far higher click- through-rates than achievable with standard ad networks.

• Allowing advertisers to focus on ROI, not ad creation. Bedrock provides unparalleled, real-time transparency into visits while making available inventory not redistributed by any other ad networks accessible to advertisers.

• Enabling publishers to capitalize on “non-standard” inventory. Currently, online real estate such as Flash widgets, desktop clients and chat rooms are not capable of displaying standard network ads. Bedrock enables publishers to monetize newfound inventory.

“Bedrock has provided us with an opportunity to see beyond the typical IAB Banner Unit and the flexibility to better understand our users” says Thomas Dodson from OVGuide, an online video guide. Darian Shirazi, CEO & Founder of Fwix, a local news aggregator, comments “Bedrock has given us the flexibility to integrate advertisements into Fwix’s AdWire in a way that makes the most sense for our product and business.”

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About Bedrock
Bedrock is a monetization platform for building the next generation of ad-products. Bedrock empowers publishers to build, host and distribute their own ad-products. Publishers drive clicks into Bedrock where advertisers bid on clicks at the keyword level on a cost-per-click basis. Advertisers focus exclusively on their downstream conversion and incentivize publishers to optimize ad-products.

More information and video overview available at http://www.bedrock.com