N E W S   P O S T

DocStore lets you buy and sell digital documents online

Need to download prepared legal documents or business outlines? There’s a digital store for that.

Similar to how Apple sells apps, music and videos, and Amazon sells music and books, Santa Monica’s DocStoc has opened a store for customers to search for and buy documents online.

Anyone can upload their files to DocStore and name a price. Sellers keep 100% of the revenue for purchases within the first 60 days from listing, and revenues are split evenly with DocStoc after that.

Once you’ve signed up, transactions are a one-click process — something that has worked well for Apple and Amazon to encourage impulse buys.

“We’re making the App Store for documents,” said DocStoc Chief Executive Jason Nazar.

The 2-year-old company hopes to introduce some of its 20 million monthly visitors to its premium content. Helped by a partnership with LegalZoom, the DocStore is targeting small businesses and professionals.6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a8c9a93b970b-800wi.jpg