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Eventup Expands East to Unlock New York’s Hippest and Most Exclusive Event Venues

For those New Yorkers who feel like the city’s coolest rooftops, lofts, galleries and warehouses are out of reach as potential venues for their special events, startup online marketplaceEventup wants to be your new best friend.

The company, which has thus far rolled out the red carpet to more than 1,000 private and commercial venues in Los Angeles and San Francisco, is officially launching in New York City this Tuesday, April 10th. (A soft launch with limited inventory is currently underway.)

Eventup’s early success has been in unlocking a portfolio of previously unavailable, or at least not widely marketed, event locations in three of the nation’s largest and most forward-thinking cities. At the time of its official NYC launch, it will add more than 400 new locations in Gotham City.

The potentially troubling question is whether they will face the same wack-a-mole-like regulatory and customer service issues currently being battled by AirBnB, like hotel taxes (SF), illegal short-term hotel operations (NYC), and trashed properties.

The company’s co-founders (and MySpace alumni) Tony Adam and Colby Palmer say the event space is a supply-driven marketplace ripe for disruption. There are traditionally a finite number of venues and a glut of demand from would be event hosts. At the same time, lesser known venues drown in the noise of more widely marketed, yet generic spaces.

For renters, Eventup is at its best in cases of truly unique or spectacular locations, rather than customary restaurants, hotels, or event centers. Its value is meant to extend beyond discovery into curation and organization of the venue portfolio. Listings currently include high-res images and reviews and can be filtered by city, availability, event type, venue type, price, occupancy and amenities. Plans call for the addition of more subjective criteria, such as ambiance and interior design style.

For property owners, Eventup has the potential to monetize underutilized or illiquid properties. In a simple system, which downplays the administrative wizardry occurring behind the scenes, it offers free listings and instant payment within 24 hours of final booking confirmation.