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GraphEffect releases new beta version

Previously available exclusively to major corporations such as American Express (NYSE: AXP), Toyota (NYSE: TM), and Samsung, GraphEffect, a new social network for marketers, launched today in beta to other developers. And where technological developments have organically changedmethods of marketing, GraphEffect’s founder says his social network will disrupt the very process by which advertisements are created.

“Marketing has evolved dramatically over the past few years, primarily as a result of social, but the way marketers do their jobs has not,” said James Borow, the company’s chief executive and cofounder, in a statement. “Our goal is to disrupt the marketing ecosystem by building the platform that brings all the different parties together and helps marketers work together smarter.”

The Santa Monica, California-based social network for marketers includes collaborative methods of planning, creating and analyzing content, and methods of social advertising.Also announced today, GraphEffect said its platform APIs, currently available only to select developers, will soon be open to the public.

A report published yesterday by marketing news site ClickZ cited the recent acquisition of social marketing sites Buddy Media,Wildfire, Vitrue, Context Optional, andInvolver as evidence that the “first wave” of social marketing innovation is complete.

And as Facebook (Nasdaq: FB)’s difficulty monetizing CPMs, or cost per mille (or thousand) clicks, also makes clear, the next wave of social marketing is going to demand more certain return on investment, the same ClickZ report points out. A spokesperson representing GraphEffect told Upstart Business Journal the marketing social network has just had its best quarter in two years, though specific numbers were not released.