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GumGum partners with Newscom; Announces 1 Billion Asset Views Per Month

By CrossCut News
GumGum teams up with leading content marketplace, greatly expands breadth of content offerings.

SANTA MONICA, CA / NEW YORK, NY- September 22, 2008: GumGum, an analytics and monetization platform for content online, announced today that it has partnered with Newscom, a premier destination for high-quality digital content. Beyond providing GumGum publisher partners with increased access to first-class content for a wide array of verticals, the addition of Newscom further enforces usage-based licensing models as the way of the future.

GumGum will enable publishers to license content from Newscom via pay-per-use and ad-supported licensing options. Pay-per-use enables publishers to manage costs and safely license more content by scaling costs alongside revenue. The ad-supported solution not only gives publishers access to great content for free, but also provides a revenue share to publishers.

“Newscom is always excited to collaborate on innovative business models,” said Bill Creighton, managing director at Newscom. “We are confident that our partnership with GumGum will allow us to reach the broadest audience possible – an audience that increasingly exists outside the boundaries of the traditional photo-industry customer base.”

“GumGum is thrilled to add Newscom, a world-class content aggregator, to our list of content-partners. This partnership will enable GumGum to offer an even wider range of high-quality content to online publishers of all sizes,” said Ophir Tanz, CEO of GumGum. “We look forward to working closely with Newscom in making their content safely and widely accessible to publishers.”

GumGum continues to experience explosive growth with over 1 billion asset views currently being tracked per month. Publishing clients range from such heavy-hitters as Gawker Media and MTV Germany to niche sites such as CelebrityDogWatcher.com.

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About GumGum
GumGum (www.gumgum.com) represents the future of content-licensing for the Internet. We use perfect information to facilitate a fair transaction between publishers and content providers. The result is a system that leverages usage-based licensing models to enhance monetization, increase access to content and much more. GumGum was founded by Ophir Tanz and Ari Mir in 2006. The site publicly launched in November 2007 and currently tracks over 1 billion license views per month.

About Newscom
Newscom (www.newscom.com) is a world leader in providing customers with high-quality content from a vast array of global sources. Newscom offers customers one-stop access to more than 25 million rights-managed and royalty-free photos, graphics, illustrations, cartoons, caricatures, puzzles, videos and stories from more than 150 of the world’s foremost publishers and content creators. Digital publishers around the globe count on Newscom to meet their creative and editorial needs each and every day, providing them what they need, when they need it.