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GumGum's Ophir Tanz on Bad Ads and Good AI

GumGum's CEO and founder on advertising, artificial Intelligence, and the quiet satisfaction of woodworking.

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On this week's show I sat down with Ophir Tanz, CEO and Founder of GumGum, a firm that started off as a computer-vision company and is quickly becoming a full-stack vertical-AI solution company. We spoke about the current artificial intelligence boom and its potential to alter every business it touches. GumGum currently offers a variety of AI-driven solutions in advertising and it's just getting started.

GumGum, at its core, is a computer-vision company. We express that technology in a variety of ways. Our largest business unit is our advertising unit, and we invented an advertising format called In-Image Advertising, where we currently work with about 70% of Fortune 100 brands and many of the largest publishers in the world. What we do is we contextually place marketing messages in line with content users are actively engaging with. We'll identify the context of images, in this case, and actually align marketing messages to it.

You've got a number of examples of this on your website. It's really cool. I don't think most people know that it's happening when they actually encounter a website and they see this type of advertisement. They think it may have been programmed that way, but you're actually taking the content of the photo and then delivering an ad that's based on the photo, not necessarily the site or even the article.

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