N E W S   P O S T

StyleSaint app hands-on for Nokia Lumia, fashion news, photos and more!

StyleSaint is the latest fashion app to be released for Windows Phone and its exclusive to the Nokia Collection, so only those with a Nokia Lumia can presently download and use it.

StyleSaint is the home of fashion and style and Nokia has teamed up with them to offer the StyleSaint app as an exclusive to Nokia Lumia owners.

It’s a free app that allows anyone with a passion for fashion to really immerse themselves in all things design and fashion-based. StyleSaint offers up downloadable photos, the latest news from the fashion world.

StyleSaint takes its lead from the fashion industry by being a photo-heavy led app. However, the real flourish of style with StyleSaint is that you can create your own fashion magazine by pulling together your favourite images, styles and trends in one place.

Open the app and you’ll find yourself in the Featured section, which pulls up all the latest news and favourite features from the staff at StyleSaint.

Swipe right and you the Tear Sheets, which offer up a host of photo collages of the latest trends that you can download and keep. In order to do this you’ll need to login using Facebook (we would have thought Pinterest would have been more apt but maybe that will get added later?)

We’ve tested StyleSaint out on our Nokia Lumia 800 and entry-level Nokia Lumia 610, the stylish White Edition, and found that the app loads and runs smoothly. So, no matter which Nokia Lumia you’re sporting this season you’ll be able to stay in touch

If you’ve not found StyleSaint on your main Nokia Collection screen yet, simply dip into any app in the collection and tap ‘more from Nokia Corporation’ and you’ll find it in the long list of apps waiting to be downloaded.