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StyleSaint Collaborates With aLine Media

aLine media public relations announced its collaboration with StyleSaint, a new fashion media and e-commerce company and a go-to resource for all things style.

StyleSaint has been changing the way fashion is discovered, delivered, and consumed by empowering a global audience of fashion lovers, such as bloggers, stylists, designers, and fashionistas, to gather and share fashion inspirations as editor-in-chief of their own digital fashion magazines.

Users can leverage StyleSaint’s patent-pending publishing tools and one of the largest collections of user-generated high fashion imagery to editorialize their fashion ideas, by “tearing and sharing” their inspirations and crafting Stylebooks, which can then be shared via personal style blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

In the coming months, StyleSaint will launch their digital fashion publication, SS Magazine. The content will range from fashion on the runway, fashion on the street, go-to guides on how to style the latest trends, lessons in pairing, and expert DIY tutorials. Users will then have the ability to save this content to their personal profiles so they can reference it again and again.
In early 2013, the company plans to launch their first collaborative apparel brand, whose designs will be inspired by the input and trend identification capabilities of their global audience and consumers.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with aLine media as we approach the launch of our media offering to cool girls all over the world,” said the Chief Saint and Founder, Allison Beal. “With aLine’s industry expertise and respected reputation, we hope to have the fashion industry take notice of StyleSaint’s innovative vision for content and commerce.”

“Allison has such an incredible story and authentic vision driving the efforts of StyleSaint,” noted aLine media’s President Kenn Henman. “We are excited to be working with StyleSaint to share her story with the fashion industry. StyleSaint is about empowerment. They have built an incredible technology offering, which empowers fashion lovers, stylists, designers and bloggers to share their story of style.”