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SuperEvilMegaCorp Introduces The Age of Hardcore Tablet Gaming With Vainglory’s Launch

Game studio Super Evil Megacorp scored some big publicity when its first game, Vainglory, a multiplayer online battle arena tablet and smartphone game, made an onstage demo at Apple’s recent press conference for the iPhone 6’s introduction. The company showed off how its console-quality 3D graphics could work over Wi-Fi in real-time matches against other players with iPads without skipping a beat because of bad connectivity.

The team — led by chief executive Bo Daly, chief operating officer Kristian Segerstrale, and cofounder Stephan Sherman — designed this MOBA in the same vein as Riot Games’ League of Legends, but it’s for tablet players first. The team created the Evil Engine, the foundation for the graphics and gameplay, to work on tablets. It launches today on the Apple iTunes App Store after almost two years of development.


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