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Vulcun doubles esports prize pool

It looks like competitive gamers are getting a raise. Fantasy eSports website Vulcun is increasing the 2015 Prize Pool from $4 million to $10 million. This makes the Vulcun prize pool the largest in Fantasy eSports and the second-largest in all of eSports, period, trailing only The International, the annual Dota 2 competition.
Of the $10 million in prize money, Vulcun reports on their blog that about $2 million of it has already been paid out to more than 142,000 players. The most successful Vulcun gamer, YJingtong, has grossed more than $61,000 this year and several others have won more than $25,000.

Here’s a compiled list of the Top 10 Prize Pools in eSports

  1. The International 2015 – $10.9 M [Dota2]

  2. Vulcun – $10.0 M [Fantasy eSports]

  3. League Championship Series – $5.5 M [League of Legends]

  4. DAC 2015 – $3.6 M [Dota2]

  5. Smite 2015 – $2.6 M [Smite]

  6. HOTS Championship (Heroes of the Storm) – $1.2M

  7. ESL ESEA Pro League (CS:GO) – $1.0M

  8. COD World Championship (Call of Duty) – $1.0M

  9. LPL Spring & Summer (League of Legends) – $756K

  10. i-League S3 (Dota2) – $420K

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