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Zadspace: Adsense for Direct Mail

When I think of direct marketing I immediately gravitate towards online tactics, however a Los Angeles based startup, Zadspace, is attempting to disrupt offline direct mail campaigns.  The company’s patented process leverages a wealth of information related to the contents of the package and the eventual recipient of the package. The information that they use for direct mail targeting includes geographic, psychographic, and demographic targeting.

Furthermore, prospective advertisers can leverage data such as price of merchandise in the package, type of merchandise and can be adapted in near real-time. The real-time nature of Zadspace is made possible due to the architecture of the platform. Zads, aka ads, are printed real-time on merchants’ packages; enabling advertisers to adapt campaigns based on performance “Zadspace’s clever approach dovetails dynamic targeting technology with a unique physical placement and delivery mechanism. The results to date have been extremely impressive, and we are thrilled to support the company.” – Peter Longo, president and executive director, Connecticut Innovations.

Founded by Todd Outten, Zadspace recently received a $3.2 million dollar Series B round involving LaunchCapital and Connecticut Innovations. With this latest round of funding, Zadspace brings its total funding to $9.2 million. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the company will change its corporate headquarters location to Connecticut; a hub for the direct marketing industry.