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Zadspace’s New Direct Marketing Medium Outperforms Direct Mail

After a year of private beta testing, Zadspace will unveil its innovative medium at the DMA09 Conference in San Diego, California, on October 18, 2009.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Marketwire – October 12, 2009) – Zadspace, Inc, a direct marketing company, has emerged from private beta testing with a new form of direct marketing that utilizes the exterior of delivery packages for targeted messages. Over the yearlong beta period, Zadspace’s “outside of the box” campaigns produced a 150% higher response rate than direct mail.

Zadspace sidesteps mailbox overload by affixing full color, 4″ x 6″ advertisements – known as “Zads” – to the exterior of cardboard shipping boxes, right next to the shipping label. To ensure timeliness and relevancy, each peel-off Zad is triggered by recent, targeted transactional data – including demographic and geographic information – and printed on demand at the shipping facility.

“Direct mail competes with all of the other impressions that arrive in the mailbox,” says Todd Outten, CEO and Co-Founder of Zadspace. “The Zad has a virtually guaranteed read rate, and it rides along with the fulfillment of an anticipated B to C transaction. It’s a powerful combination of pristine placement and perfect timing.”

Lester Wunderman, the Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Wunderman says, “Zadspace has found a unique solution for one of the biggest problems with direct mail – a cluttered mailbox filled with multiple offers.”

During the private beta period, Zadspace ran over 100 campaigns for 25 different advertisers. More than 500,000 Zads were delivered directly into the hands of consumers over the course of a year, allowing the company to confirm the efficacy of the medium. In addition to testing favorably against direct mail, Zadspace beta campaigns outperformed the response rate of package inserts by 1,200%.

Zadspace will be demonstrating its patent-pending technology to the public at the DMA09 conference on October 18, 2009, as a guest of Media Horizons, Inc. Visit Booth 2923 to learn more.

About Zadspace:

Founded in 2006, Zadspace is a privately-held, venture-backed direct marketing company with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. Zadspace endeavors to increase the effectiveness of direct marketing while eliminating waste. Through technological innovation and an “outside of the box” medium, Zadspace has created a better way to deliver targeted, one-on-one marketing messages. For more information, visit www.zadspace.com.


Jon Chun, Vice-President of Marketing
Zadspace, Inc.